Trish Sinclair - Artist

About the Artist


I was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand and now living in Warkworth - a quaint country town near the most amazing white sand beaches and National Parks.

To be creating works of art full time has always been my dream. However, my career path led me into business admin although even during that time I studied Interior Design at ATI and helped the family set up a florist business. I finally took the plunge and studied full time with The Learning Connexion, Wellington - completing my Diploma in 2014. At last I am a full time artist - finally fulfilling my dream.

a casually pose of me leaning on a giant kauri tree trunk where I am wearing a white tee shirt and the picture is balanced with accented black in my watch, backpack and glasses
a retro picture of Trish sitting on the back of a boat with Rangitoto Island in the distance wearing denims and a turquoise tee shirt

Painting Style

My painting style is constantly changing and growing which is as it should be - life is always changing - and for the better of course. My challenge is to find the essence of a scene - looking to simplify and refine the design in each painting.

Awards, Education and Exhibitions

  • The Learning Connexion, Wellington, 2014 - Diploma of Art and Creativity (2 year full time course)
  • Local fund raising exhibitions – mARTakana, Great Summer Arts, Artfusions 2017
  • The Rose House Award – 2015
  • Art@24 Gallery - Warkworth New Zealand
peering through Pohutukawa tree at the distant coast around the bay
bright white sand runs through the middle of this photo with equal sized bands of a cerulean sea in the foreground and deep forest green covered hills in the background