Trish Sinclair - Artist


diagonal flowing wave patterns of blue, turquoise and emerald with slashes from pink, red and orange  that look like leaves reflected in a stream

       The Elements

Abstracted sandy beach and low lying clouds A white wave washes over rocks and sand. Above is a soft sky and below are sandy dunes in the distance The sky is the main feature in this image below is a pancake like rocky beach. Clear fresh sunlit beach with bubbling water in the foreground.

Seascape Series

Welcome to my 2017 Seascape Series - by using softer colours and a semi-abstract style I hope to capture the atmosphere of the coastline with its ever changing sky, light reflections and distant horizons. These bring to mind thoughts of holidays and good times at the beach.

For these paintings I used a mixed media of acrylic, oil and oil pencils. During the process I discovered that a mixture of Golden acrylics and gel gloss is ideal for making clouds. I then finish the painting with oil paints to add highlights.

bright orange balloon effect broken with goldy yellow takes up most of the painting with warm blue sky above and turquoise flowing water over a sandy beach below diagonal broken ribbons of red and gold flow across the painting with a varied blue river running through the centre and pale blue sky above the oil painting a large block of blended rich reds, orange and magenta makes up most of the painting with emerald and purple edges that flow in a gentle pattern cobalt blue background with soft edged yellow and red triangular blocks filled with cut out pieces of green and orange and pink linked with a white line and red cut outs blocks of orange and deep rusty red on street of bluey grey panels that criss cross the painting a cheerful fun painting of cyan blue with windsurfer craft across the centre surrounded by gold and red blocks depicting the harbour the abstract oil painting is about a view out to sea in a soft warm light with deep blue sea walls in the centre and a rusty red in the front for the harbour oils blended from pale blue to bright emerald with a slash of black and grey through the centre depicting a cliff and the beach below violet, magenta and Prussian blue and soft greens pallet knifed across the painting with a bit of bright green tumbling over the magenta in the foreground

Summer Series

This  series  is about  landmarks  and patterns in  nature - looking at these from a new perspective. By simplifying natural designs and abstracting them I hope to highlight their uniqueness and add a sense of fun.

By using bright coloured, transparent oil paints these create effects that are quite unexpected. I work the paint over a smooth canvas then add texture by applying varying depths of paint with a pallet blade. Sometimes I drawn in random sketch lines for extra definition.

Retro Series

Fragrant lemons, the crisp beauty of peppers and amazing colours of the Comice pear - inspired these paintings.

Influenced by stories told of my Great….grandfather's connection with Kew Gardens and my own florist experience - these are a few of my retro paintings.

These are painted on a textured surface to add character and in oil paints for its juicy look.